Jack Payne in

Our friend and ambassador Jack Payne called us up on Sunday telling us he was in Amsterdam, and that he wanted to shoot a video the day after.
Not wanting to miss this opportunity meet up with Jack and create an awesome video; we left Monday morning to meet jack in Amsterdam.

The meet-up

Arriving in Amsterdam we met up with jack in his art studio bordering the canal he rented through Airbnb. With nothing planned we left with our equipment and went about town hoping to find some sort of inspiration.

Wandering through the streets of Amsterdam, watching boats float in the canal Jack came up with the idea to put an AirTrack on a boat. A crazy idea, ubt surely worth a shot we went about finding boat big enough to fit our AirTrack on. After some looking around, and asking the right people we came across ‘’DE SOEVEREIN”. A boat normally used for a nice diner whilst sailing through the canals of Amtrdam. We however were planning to ue the boat for a different purpose.

We set up the AirTrack we had with us and installed it on the boat. Covering alsmot the interity of the roof with our Airtrack. We started up our drone and took our cameras in hand, gave Jack the go and the video had started.

As strangely as it sounds, but after a half an hour of filming on the boat, we wanted more. An AirTrac on a boat is fine and all, however and Airtrack on a moving boat, thats a whole nother thing. Even though the woner himself was a bit inexperienced when it came to steering the boat. He was willing to give it a try. Revving up the boat, maneuvering it out of its spot, we were ready to take it to the next level.

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